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Übersetzung für golf shot im Englisch-Deutsch-Wörterbuch Golf Shot of the year at the Farmfoods British Par 3 Championships at Nailcote Hall Hotel. Visit http://britishpar3. A "thin shot " in golf is one in which the clubhead strikes the golf ball too high (near the midpoint of the golf ball, or slighly lower or higher), which.

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The Shot Scope Wristband Suitable for left and right-handed golfers Adjustable to 11 wrist-sizes Lightweight and comfortable 20 unique tags weighing 1. Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License ; additional terms may apply. For Everyone Play the Challenge Vocabulary Lists Dictionary Choose Your Words. Windows 7 or newer CPU: Follow Us Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Learn Something New Every Day Email Address Sign Up. If the swing bottoms out ahead of the ball, the result is a thin shot. If you can measure it, you can improve it. A severe curve from left to right is a " slice. Both options assuming an otherwise good golf swing puts the clubface on the ball at impact in an open position. Retrieved 21 April Retrieved 21 April Alle Rechte, insbesondere die der Vervielfältigung, der Übersetzung und der Verwendung in elektronischen bzw. If it's a low screamer but one spiele klavier stays up in the air shot golf then gets lots of roll-out, the ball can overshoot the target by a lot. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Start with the easiest things to check: There can be a difference of intent. Deutsch - Englisch Eintragen in

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You can't go straight at the target, in other words, because of those tree branches, so the cut shot lets you curve the ball around the problem. Curtis Cup EurAsia Cup International Crown Presidents Cup Ryder Cup Seve Trophy Solheim Cup Walker Cup. For example, a right-handed player facing a green that is well-protected on the right but open on the left might play a cut shot, bringing the ball into the green from left-to-right. A Unique Golf Game An RPG-based, full-3D sports MMO. Science, Tech, Math Humanities Arts, Music, Recreation Resources About Us Advertise Privacy Policy Careers Contact Terms of Use. The two terms are often used interchangeably, and that's OK. shot golf Search the site GO. Approach-Wedge Bramble Bump and run Cross handed Cup liner Flansch Flying Mulligan Golfausweis Forged Ginty Blind Hole Clubhead Mid Mashie Muscle Back Match Play Platzreife Moment of inertia Gap-Wedge Platzerlaubnis Schwungebene Texas Wedge Helfen Sie uns Offene Fragen? Helfen Sie uns Offene Fragen? The Golf Performance Tracking System Buy Now VIEW OUR TV ADVERT ON: History Glossary Outline Rules penalties etiquette Stroke play scoring Match play four-ball Golf course links teeing ground hazards Equipment golf clubs golf ball tee. You can also click this link to find many instructional videos on YouTube about eliminating thin shots. Create a new character today and get these items, absolutely FREE! Another way of putting it: A ball that is first struck above its equator and particularly closer to the top of the ball is a "topped shot," and hitting such a shot is called "topping the ball. Both options assuming an otherwise good golf swing puts the clubface on the ball at impact in an open position. In fact, the best golfers, who are talented enough to hit it slightly thin on purpose, have an expression: Links auf dieses Wörterbuch oder einzelne Übersetzungen sind herzlich willkommen!

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